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Our Ancestors and their Descendants
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Our Ancestors and their Descendants
by Robert Louis Daniell and Linda Joyce Ditmore
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Yes, there are a lot more than currently listed.
It will take me a while to review all the records to discover them all.
This list includes blood relatives and their prominent spouses.

As of 6 April 2010
Prominent Family Members
by profession


Senator Carl Trumbull Hayden, D-AZ, 1877-1972, U.S. Congress

Representative Albert Alexander Blakeney, R-MD, 1850-1924, U.S. Congress

Colonel Warren Jourdan, 1785-1843, Representative, Speaker of the House, Georgia Legislature
Husband of Juliet Anna Daniell

Representative Albert Gallatin Talbott, Sr., 1808-1887, U.S. Congress

“Home of the free because of the brave”
Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots
Captain John Cook, SC
William Daniel, 1747-1807, SC
James Daniell, 1721-1798, SC
Levi Daniell, 1759-1800, SC
Major James Erwin, 1752-1815, SC
Major General Wade Hampton, 1751-1835, RS-SC.
Husband of Martha Epps Goodwyn
John O'Daniel, 1718-1799 VA
Brigadier General John H. Pearson, 1743-1819,SC
Captain James Taylor, 1745-1806, SC
Husband of Sarah Daniell
(by rank)

General James Daniel Erwin, 1788-1852, South Carolina Militia
Admiral Thomas Hinman Moorer, 1912-2004, U.S.N., Chief of Naval Operations, Vietnam
General Benjamin Edward Nicholson, 1841-1885
Vice Admiral Joseph Park Moorer, 1922-____, U.S.N.
Major General William Holman Brandenburg, Jr., Living, U.S.A., Iraq
Major General Blanton Winship, 1869-1947, U.S.A.
Brigadier General William Holman Brandenburg Sr., 1923-2004, U.S.A., WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Brigadier General Philip Cook, 1817-1894, C.S.A.
Brigadier General James Brailsford Erwin, 1856-1924, U.S.A., WWI
Brigadier General Harold Chamberlayne Fiske, abt 1881- aft 1920, U.S.A, WW I
Husband of Mary Mitchell
Brigadier General Thomas S. Hayes, ____-____, U.S.A.
Husband of Katherine Winship
Brigadier General William A. Mitchell, 1877-1941, U.S.A., WWI
Colonel Alfred A. Aldrich, abt 1844-1919
Captain Augustus Howard Alston, 1907-1943, U.S.N., WWII
Colonel William J. Alston, 1802-1868, C.S.A.
Colonel William Samuel Alston, 1825-____
Colonel Charles Brent, Jr., abt 1765-abt 1829
Colonel Walter Earl Daniell, U.S.M.C., Vietnam
Colonel Hamilton Lawrence, 1915-2001, U.S.M.C., WWII
Colonel Americus C. Mitchell, 1870-1938, U.S.A., WWI
Captain Benjamin Waring Partridge, 1915-2005, U.S.N., WW II, Korea
Colonel William Lawrence Peel, 1846-1920
Husband of Lucy Marion Cook
Colonel John William Augustus Sanford, 1825-1913, C.S.A.
Colonel John Jefferson Woodward, 1808-1862, C.S.A.
Husband of Rebecca M. Pearson

Senior Noncommissioned Officers
First Sgt. Charles Thomas Carroll, 1838-1903, C.S.A.
Husband of Frances Weston Partridge
First Sergeant James Henry Daniell, 1828-1899, C.S.A.
CMSgt Robert Louis Daniell, U.S.A.F.,Vietnam
SMSgt J. B. Hatcher, 1921-2003, U.S.A.F., WW II
MSgt Roy Wilson Hooe, 1894 -1973, WW I, WW II, Korea
 Judge Alfred Proctor Aldrich, 1814-1897
Husband of Martha Anna Ayer
Judge Milledge Lipscomb Bonham, 1854-1943, Chief Justice, South Carolina Supreme Court
Husband of Martha Daisy Aldrich
Judge Nathan B. Cook, 1798- 1882
 James Franklin Daniell, M.D., Gynecology
Jon Eric Daniell, M.D., Surgeon

Law Enforcement

Sheriff John M. Davis, 1845-1923, St. Francis County, Arkansas
Sheriff Jeremiah Hatcher, 1764-1827, Edgefield County, South Carolina
Husband of Mary Daniel
Bishop James Addison Ingle, 1867-1903, Bishop of Hankow, China.
Husband of Charlotte Thomson Rhett
Rev. Marion Washington Sams, 1822-1899
Robert Gallaudet Erwin; 1854 -1906; President, Atlantic Coast Line Railway
Robert Kenneth Ditmore; Living; Health Maintenance Services
Evan Park Howell, 1839-1905, President and Editor-in-Chief of the Atlanta Constitution
Husband of Julia Adelaide Erwin

 Other Professions
Cora Chaney, 1917-1999, Author, Episcopal Priest
Wife of Captain Benjamin Waring Partridge, U.S.N.
Fairfax Harrison, 1869-1938, Author; President, Southern Railway; and Lawyer
Husband of Hetty Cary