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Our Ancestors and their Descendants
by Robert Louis Daniell and Linda Joyce Ditmore
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from Fairfax, County, Virgina
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Ann O'DANIEL: "dafter Ann JONES" named in the 1755 Will of her mother, Frances GLADIN, widow of William O'DANIEL. Who did she marry?
Elizabeth O'DANIEL: Married William SCUTT. Last record, selling her inherited 100 acres land to Francis SUMMERS in 1754. A William SCOTT posts security for his brother-in-law James O'DANIEL (DANIELL) in the sale of his inherited 100 acres to Rev. Charles GREEN in 1757. What happened to William and Elizabeth?

Frances O'DANIEL: daughter of John O'DANIEL, Sr., inherited 200 acres in Fayette County, Kentucky in 1799, married a man named MAY in South Carolina.
James O'DANIEL: grandson of John O'DANIEL, Sr., brother of Mary O'Daniel BLAKENEY, inherited 200 acres in Fayette County, Kentucky in 1799. Known to have been in South Carolina in 1805, last known to be in Alexandria County, District of Columbia, in 1813. Did he die in the War of 1812?  So it seems.
Margaret O'DANIEL: daughter of John O'DANIEL, Sr. She is named as Margaret NELSON in his 1799 Will. Who was her NELSON husband?
Other Brick Walls

Jose [Joseph] DANIELL, son of James DANIELL of Fairfield County, South Caroline:  Two abstracts from Richland County Will Book B raise questions:
"Page 227. Richard DANIEL. Will. January 26, 1792 - February 14, 1792. Wit.: Christopher TATUM, Margaret TATUM. Ex.: John HITONS, Joel ADAMS. Legacies to Joel ADAMS, John MORRIS, Arthur HOWELL, John HIRONS, PEARCE.  (A History of Richland County, p. 226)
SC Archives: S108093 Reel: 0021 Frame: 00468 item: 00 Date: 1792 C. Description: HOWELL, Arthur of Richland County, Will Typescript (MSS Will: Book B, Pages 235-236; Estate Packet: Box 15, Pkg 363) (1 Frame). Names Indexed: HOWELL, Arthur/HOWELL, John/HOWELL, William/HOWELL, Martha/DANIEL, Joseph/HOWELL, Robert/MEYER, William/Locations: Richland County/Pond Branch.  From the typescript: "And I do nominate - Constitute and appoint my beloved brothers [sic] William and Martha HOWELL and my beloved Cousin Joseph DANIEL Exr's of this my last will and Testament."
A second abstract of Arthur HOWELL's Will from A History of Richland County, p. 226-7: Will Book B "Page 235. Arthur HOWELL. Will, March 22, 1792-n. d. Wit.: Robt. HOWELL, John HOWELL, Wm. MEYER. Ex.: William HOWELL, Martha HOWELL, Joseph DANIELL. Wife: Mary. Son: John. Brother: William (whose wife was Martha). Cousin*: Joseph DANIELL." [Note: Mary HOWELL was not named in the Will, but referred to as "my beloved wife." RLD]
Jose DANIELL was Robert HOWELL's neighbor in 1790, contributing to the thought that Jose and Joseph are the same person.
Who is the link to Joseph and Arthur HOWELL (Jr.) being cousins? *"Cousin" in the 1700s was used to mean "nephew or niece." [Virginia Historical Genealogies, John Bennett Boddie, p. ix] 
How was Jose DANIELL related to Arthur HOWELL? Arthur's father died before 9 Mar 1753, wife Sarah, maiden name not found.
Does Richard DANIEL's legacy to Arthur HOWELL (Jr.) reflect a family relationship for Robert and Arthur to Joseph DANIELL, called "my beloved cousin" in Arthur's Will?
Is Martha HOWELL, wife of William, Jose DANIELL's sister born 22 Jan 1762?  Martha HOWELL and Joseph (Jose?) DANIELL are both executors of Arthur HOWELL (Jr.)'s Will.

John H./D. RICE married Mary Ann SMITH in Baldwin County, Georgia on 14 Jul 1832.  Who were their parents?  The 1880 census lists both John and Mary as born in Georgia and their parents all born in Virginia.







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